Bus companies

The bus trip is the exclusive responsability of the bus company and it's General Transport Conditions.
Find the bus company in charge of your trip and consult it's General Transport Conditions.




Transdev Savoie

Transdev Savoie General Transport Conditions

Transdev Savoie Moutiers (Moutiers except to/from Doucy Combelouvière)

Ticket starting with MOU

Transdev Savoie Modane (Modane and Saint Michel de Maurienne)

Ticket starting with MOD

Autocars Martin (Bourg Saint Maurice to/from Les Arcs)

Ticket starting with MAR

Voyages Loyet (Aime)

Ticket starting with AIM or LAP

Alpbus (Bourg Saint Maurice, except to/from les Arcs)

Ticket starting with BSM

Faure Savoie (Saint Avre and Albetville to/from Les Saisies and Val d'Arly)

Ticket starting with FSA ou ARF

Doucy Bus (Moutiers to/from Doucy Combelouvière)

Ticket starting with DOU

Trans'Alpes (Saint Jean d Maurienne)

For more informations on Trans-Alpes' General Transport Conditions, contact +33
Ticket starting with TSA ou CCM

Autocars Blanc (Albertville to/from Arêches)

Ticket starting with ARB


The General Transport Conditions are the same for all the trips (except the Cluses - Les Carroz -Flaine bus line)

Transdev Haute Savoie

Ticket starting with T71, T72, T73, T74 or CRO 


For more informations on Alpbus' General Transport Conditions, contact +33 4 50 03 70 09
Ticket starting with FOU 

SAT Autocars


SAT Leman

Ticket starting with SLM

SAT d'Annemasse

Ticket starting with SAT 

SAT Mont Blanc

Ticket starting with SLI 
TRAI Cluses (Cluses to/from Flaine, les Carroz d'Araches, La Frasse )
Ticket starting with CLF 



Transdev Savoie

Ticket starting with TNG or NAS

Transdev Haute Savoie

Ticket starting with T72 ou T74  


Ticket starting with ALP


Tickets starting with AIP