Rest assured, our carriers are experienced and will do their best to get you to your destination on time!

Carriers estimate their travel time based on previous years' traffic conditions and major events such as school holidays.
However, the vagaries of the road (traffic jams, weather conditions, etc.) can cause some delays.
Please be understanding with them.

What can you do? Make sure you leave enough room, especially if you have a match! We advise travellers to allow 1.5 hours of connecting time for trains and 3 hours for planes for their return journey. On the outward journey, allow between 15 to 20 minutes when getting off the train, and between 45 minutes and 1 hour when getting off the plane.
For Eurostar travellers: it is advisable to arrive at Moutiers or Bourg Saint Maurice stations 2 hours before the train's departure.

Travelling well: don't forget to bring a bottle of water, games for the children, and a travel pillow for possible extensions!