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Frequently asked questions

My flight / train is late. What to do about it?

No need to call us to report train or plane delays:

Transport companies know how to adapt to these risks.

Once the carrier is informed, it will automatically transfer you to the next departure of the day (depending on available seats). You don't have to do anything (not even a phone call or an exchange)! Valid only in the direction: airport or train station to resort.

If this is the last bus of the day. Get closer to the organization responsible for your delay.

  • Travelling from airports: Go to the airport ticket office, which will do its best to find a solution for you.
  • Trips from resort: Get closer to the bus station staff.

Your bus ticket is valid only on the day you plan to travel.

I have not received my ticket, what should I do?

If you do not receive your e-Ticket within a few moments of ordering it, do not wait.

  • Check your junk mail / spam

Contact us so we can send it back to you in a few clicks!

I want to modify my ticket

If the change concerns the day & time of departure and arrival, you can change your ticket up to 48 hours before departure in just a few clicks!
Take your ticket number (starting with one or three letters followed by numbers) and follow the online procedure.

Please note: a modified ticket is no longer refundable, no modification will be taken into account if the request for modification is made within 5 minutes of departure.
In case of problems, please contact us.

I wish to cancel my reservation

You have the right to change your mind with Altibus and we will refund you in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale accepted at the time of your purchase.

If you meet these conditions and wish to make a cancellation request, please use our cancellation module.
If you do not meet these conditions, contact us via this form.
All cancellation and/or refund requests will be processed within 3 weeks of your request.

Please note: cancellation and/or refund conditions are specific to each transport company we work with. To find out these conditions, please have your ticket number ready and go to article 8 of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Reminder: a modified ticket is no longer refundable; cancellation on the day of your departure does not entitle you to a refund; return tickets are not separable.

I want to make a complaint

Did you have a problem during your trip? Do you have an opinion or a remark to share with us? Help us to improve!

To make a complaint, contact us via this form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Warning: Altibus is a booking platform and not a transport company. In the event of a complaint concerning the conditions of transport (bus cancelled or deleted, delay or any other problem), it will be forwarded to the carrier in charge of your journey, who will be responsible for the final decision.

Note: Complete files will be processed on a priority basis. If your request concerns the booking, modification or cancellation of your ticket, please refer to the categories above.


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