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My flight/train is late, what should I do?

In case of delay of your train or plane, it is not necessary to contact us. Transport companies know how to adapt to these hazards and do their best to get you to your destination.

Once you arrive on site, approach the bus station or airport staff. A place will be allocated to you on the next departure, subject to availability.

If your departure is the last of the day, please contact the service provider responsible for your delay (airline, SNCF, etc.)

Please note: your coach ticket is only valid on the day indicated on your ticket.

I have not received my ticket, what should I do?

If you have not received your e-bill within 10 minutes of booking, please check your spam or junk mail.

If you still have not received it, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Your departure is in less than 48 hours: call us on +33 4 79 68 32 96;
  • Your departure is in more than 48 hours: contact us via this form, we will send it back to you in a few clicks!
I would like to change my ticket
You can change your ticket up to 48 hours before departure. Let us guide you in a few clicks!
  • If the change concerns the day and/or time of departure and arrival: take your ticket number (starting with one or three letters followed by numbers) and follow the online procedure (also available in English).
  • If the change concerns the place of departure/arrival or the number of people : we must cancel your ticket and issue a new one.
    To find out about the conditions for cancelling your ticket, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
    To cancel your booking, please contact us using this form.

Attention: a modified ticket is no longer refundable, no modification will be taken into account if the departure is in less than 48 hours.

I wish to cancel my reservation

You have the right to change your mind and we undertake to refund you in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale accepted at the time of your purchase.

If you meet these conditions and wish to make a cancellation request, use our cancellation module.
If you do not meet these conditions, contact us via this form.
Any request for cancellation and/or refund will be taken into account within 3 weeks of your request.

Attention: the cancellation and/or refund conditions are specific to each transport company with which we work. To know these conditions, bring your ticket number and go to article 8 of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Note: Altibus is a reservation platform, the transport process is the exclusive responsibility of the carrier making your trip. The General Conditions of Carriage of each company are available here.

Reminder: a modified ticket is no longer refundable.

I would like to make a complaint

Did you have a problem during your trip? Do you have an opinion or a remark to share with us? Help us to improve!

To make a complaint, contact us via this form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Warning: Altibus is a booking platform and not a transport company. In the event of a complaint concerning the conditions of transport (bus cancelled or deleted, delay or any other problem), it will be forwarded to the carrier in charge of your journey, who will be responsible for the final decision.

Note: Complete files will be processed on a priority basis. If your request concerns the booking, modification or cancellation of your ticket, please refer to the categories above.

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How to search/buy a trip with Altibus?

Practical, economical and ecological, reaching your favorite resort has never been so easy with Altibus!

Check your schedules and book your trip in just a few clicks:

  1. Go to the Altibus home page;
  2. Enter your bus station or airport of departure and select the corresponding proposal;
  3. Select your destination from the choices provided;
  4. Select if it is a one-way or round trip;
  5. Enter your travel dates;
  6. And follow the instructions!

Don't forget to read our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of our carriers.

Note: if you do not find your destination in the proposed list after selecting your bus station or airport of departure, it is because unfortunately our carriers do not insure this route... Contact us by phone or on Facebook to find out about possible transport solutions.

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Do I have an assigned seat number like on the plane?

The seats are not numbered, so you don't have a specific seat allocated in the bus.

Internet user question: seat number

Is it mandatory to make a reservation?

In most cases, booking is not mandatory but highly recommended! By purchasing your tickets in advance, this allows carriers to plan suitable transport and ensures that you have a place on one of the day's journeys. And in addition, it is often cheaper 😉

Please note: if you are going to one of the airports, you must book your trip from resort 48 hours in advance!

Specific cases: some trips are made by school lines or as part of "Transport on Demand". Booking on these lines is mandatory (48 hours in advance and no later than Friday noon for weekends and Mondays). They are indicated by an exclamation mark when you select your schedule.

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Can I buy my ticket on the spot?

Yes it is possible* but here is why online shopping is recommended:

  • By buying online, you are sure to have a seat on one of the day's trips;
  • By buying online, you avoid queuing at the bus station ticket office and can use this time for a quick rest stop, have a coffee or buy a magazine... ;
  • By buying online, you benefit from Altibus services such as our call centre, which can be reached 6 days a week!


* Except for trips where reservation is mandatory (including night taxis and PMRs), mentioned by an exclamation mark in the search module.

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How do I recognize my bus at the exit of the airport or station?

Attention: Altibus is a booking platform, transport is provided by different carriers with a different look from ours (don't look for an Altibus bus) ! 😉

Some tips to find your bus:

  • Look for signs at the bus station (maps are available at our airports and ski resort pages);
  • Ask the staff present, at the station ticket office or at the Visitor Centre of the airport;
  • Find the right bus by relying on signs or illuminated signs indicating the direction on the bus;
  • Feel free to ask the driver to make sure you are on the right bus!


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Is there a toilet on the bus?

Bus companies do not always allow access to the toilets, particularly for the comfort of other users (odours, inconveniences...).
Don't worry, breaks will be taken during the trip so that everyone can stretch their legs and go to the toilet.
In case of emergency, talk to the bus driver.

Travel well: to avoid urges, remember to take a break at the bus station or airport toilets before getting on the bus.

Internet user question: toilets on the bus